At 12 Percent our aim is simple. Travel the world in search of the finest, hand-crafted ales available. And bring them home. 
We're beer hunters for selfish reasons, but with the hope of letting others indulge in our spoils. 


Our portfolio consists of a diverse mix of brewers from around the globe. Some are die-hard traditionalists - brewers who meticulously craft their beers through slow, painstaking processes, working in centuries-old breweries in far from modern conditions. Others are new innovators, whose goal is to break boundaries and bring beer to new heights. But the brewers we bring to you all have one thing in common – they are all artisans, crafting what we believe are some of the finest examples of beer being made today.  Whether it's through strict adherence to traditional brewing methods, or by using modern innovations to set new standards, our brewers all strive for originality in their creations. The results are hand–crafted ales of rare, superior quality. 

The goal of 12 Percent is to share with others the very best of what we've searched for far and wide. We love our beers, and we bring them home as a hobby and a passion. Our intention is to sell to those who respect and appreciate them; just as we do, just as our brewers do. Perhaps you’ll have to search a bit for our beers. But trust us, when it comes to searching, we’ve done the hard part - and it’s worth it.